Respiratory Protection – Screw-Type Filters for Full Face Mask BRK 820

The filters are tested and approved to EN143 / EN 14387. Offer very low breathing resistance. Their lifespan depends on the toxicity, humidity and air consumption of the user. Measurements differ with application so it is impossible to predict the working lifespan. Filter exhaustion can be detected as follows:

  • Gas filters: appearance of odours, tastes or irritants in inhaled air.
  • Particle filters: increase in breathing resistance.

Storage times for unused gas and combination filters (kept sealed in manufacturer’s packaging) 6 years. Particle filters can be stored for 10 years.

Individually sealed in PE bags and packed in outer boxes.

  • Protection level A: Vapours from organic compounds with boiling point > 65 °C
  • Protection level B: Inorganic gases and vapours e.g. chlorine, hydrogen sulphide
  • Protection level E: Sulphur oxide, acidic gases
  • Protection level K: Ammonia
  • Protection level AX: Gases and vapors from organic compounds with boiling point < 65 °C, low boilers in groups 1 and 2
  • Protection level Hg: Mercury vapours
  • Protection level NOSt: Nitrogen oxides, including nitric monoxide and particles P3
  • Protection level P 1: Particles (fumes, smoke, dust) from inert substances
  • Protection level P 2: Particles from non-toxic substances
  • Protection level P 3: Particles from toxic substances

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKFilter
Sort of filterMaterialStandardType of filterKogus 
6.228 4711.00ScrewCombined filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387AB2P3 R D
6.227 0971.00ScrewCombined filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387AXP3 R D
6.224 0321.00ScrewGas filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387AB2
7.604 4101.00ScrewGas filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387E2
6.200 2081.00ScrewGas filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387AX
7.626 3971.00ScrewCombined filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387A1 P3 R D
6.224 0331.00ScrewGas filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387ABEK2
6.201 0231.00ScrewCombined filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387NOP3R D
9.005 5661.00ScrewCombined filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387B2P2 R D
7.616 4761.00ScrewCombined filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387A2B23R D
9.005 5631.00ScrewGas filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387ABE2K1
6.303 9421.00ScrewCombined filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387HgP3 R D
6.232 0311.00ScrewCombined filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387ABEK2HgP3 R D
9.005 5581.00ScrewGas filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387A2
9.005 5591.00ScrewGas filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387B2
9.005 5701.00ScrewCombined filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387ABEK2P3 R D
6.226 4311.00ScrewCombined filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387AXP2 D
6.302 9791.00ScrewCombined filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387B2P3 R D
9.005 5651.00ScrewCombined filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387A2P2 R D
9.005 5611.00ScrewGas filterAluminiumEN143 / EN 14387K2