Safety Funnels

For safe filling of plastic canisters. With overfill protection, liquid level control, flame trap, earthing und cap. Filter to extract solid matter. From high quality and chemically resistant stainless steel, screw cap from PE.
Upon request: available in flat design (height above thread: 70 mm), with thread G2” or with 2”-buttress thread (S56x4).

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKFunnel ØHeightMaterialThreadKogus 
6.242 0581.00140 mm70 mmStainless steelDIN 61
6.255 7821.00140 mm70 mmStainless steelDIN 51
9.042 9791.00140 mm125 mmStainless steelDIN 51
9.042 9781.00140 mm125 mmStainless steelDIN 50
9.042 9801.00140 mm125 mmStainless steelDIN 61
9.042 9881.00140 mm125 mmStainless steelDIN 71