Tubes, culture, Soda-lime glass, screw cap

Autoclavable. For culture growth, transport and storage. Complete with aluminium or plastic screw cap and rubber sealing gasket. The 5 ml size has a frosted marking area.

Further sizes available on request.

Toote variatsioonid

Nominal capacityCatalog numberType of
Yes27 mm50 mmSoda-lime glassAluminium20 ml6.264 629Screw cap100.00
Yes14 mm50 mmSoda-lime glassPlastic5 ml9.010 603Screw cap100.00
Yes27 mm75 mmSoda-lime glassPlastic30 ml9.010 601Screw cap100.00
Yes27 mm45 mmSoda-lime glassAluminium15 ml6.266 815Screw cap100.00
Yes27 mm75 mmSoda-lime glassAluminium30 ml6.266 816Screw cap100.00
Yes27 mm45 mmSoda-lime glassPlastic15 ml9.010 610Screw cap100.00
Yes14 mm50 mmSoda-lime glassAluminium5 ml9.010 602Screw cap100.00
Yes27 mm50 mmSoda-lime glassPlastic20 ml9.010 611Screw cap100.00
Yes12 mm35 mmSoda-lime glassAluminium3 ml9.010 608Screw cap100.00