LLG-Syringe filters NC, Nitrocellulose

Hydrophilic membrane with low adsorption. For aqueous and aggressive organic solvent filtration. With Luer-Lock input and Luer-Slip output. Sterile products in individual hard blister packaging.

For research and development only.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberSterilePKØ membranePore sizeConnetion inletConnetion outletFeatureKogus 
TransparentAcrylic6.285 709Yes50.0025 mm0.20 µmLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip maleHydrophilic
TransparentAcrylic6.285 710Yes50.0025 mm0.45 µmLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip maleHydrophilic